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Despite of numerous actions from, so called, “useful idiots” that try to legitimize Russia’s violation of the international law, Ukrainian “deep state” (that grew up in last 5 years) prevents world top officials from total sale of democracy principles to Kremlin for gas and money.

Last week, Munich Security Conference organizer Wolfgang Ischinger, who stated the “Europe identity crisis” and signed the plan “Twelve Steps toward Greater Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region”, and got huge criticism from the experts all over the world, askednot to take it seriously“.

Ischinger believes that Europe should not accept Russia’s isolation and should instead strengthen dialogue with Moscow, keeping the doors open – that’s despite the Kremlin’s actions in Syria, Georgia, and Ukraine.

The said above raises huge concerns in the scope of announced UN Security Council meeting, that will take place tomorrow (February 18th, 2020). Dmitriy Polyanskiy, the representative of Russia in UN, has initiated the Security Council meeting with the participation of OSCE representatives to discuss further implementation of Minsk agreements.

Vadym Prystayko, minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine, will attend the meeting. The reaction from Ukrainian MFA on that case was also very predictable: “The expected, traditional and proven trick of Russian diplomacy, aimed at scattering the attention of the world community, shifting emphasis, and forming parallel political realities. But, Ukrainian diplomacy is ready for such a scenario. Representatives of Ukraine will take part in that event, as well as in another meeting, initiated by Ukraine on February 20th, where the Russian aggression against Ukraine will be discussed“.

Ukraine insists that the implementation of the political block of issues of the Minsk agreements is possible only after implementation of the following points:
1. The dissolution of quasi-groups “L/DNR”, a complete ceasefire;
2. Effective monitoring of the OSCE SMM ensuring;
3. Any armed groups of foreign troops and military equipment from the territory of Ukraine withdrawal;
4. The work of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine, Ukrainian political parties, the media and foreign observers on the Eastern Territories ensuring;

5. Control over a section of the Russian-Ukrainian border not controlled by Ukraine establishing;
The Kremlin has decided to get a possibility to divert the discussion on the Russian aggression against Ukraine on February 20, and set another meeting to use the UN SC platform for spreading its propaganda. Therefore no one believes in the constructive role of the Kremlin in resolving the conflict.

Why UN Security Council should ignore Russian circus that will have place on February 18th, 2020?

The manipulative plan that was signed bu Wolfgang Ischinger and appeared on the website of Munich Security Conference get huge and firm response from Ukrainian expert society and world experts. “Atlantic Council” responded to Munich “12 steps plan” with united position of the key opinion leaders. According to their opinion, “The conflict in and around Ukraine” began when Russian troops, in Russian uniforms but operating without identifying insignias, seized the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, and Moscow “annexed” it. Moscow then launched its hybrid war in Donbas and used its massive disinformation apparatus to present this as a Ukrainian civil conflict. Without Kremlin leadership, financing, weapons (including heavy arms), ammunition, and—in some cases—regular units of the Russian Army, there would be no “conflict in and around Ukraine.

That is the huge problem of wording the conflict, even before resolving it. OSCE representatives that will take the floor at UN SC meeting tomorrow will use these words, that was agreed to use, just to launch OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine. That decision was blocked by Russia as the member of OSCE for a long time. But, the terms used by OSCE is not the reality, but the political compromise that does not take in consideration the international right of Ukraine for sovereignty.

The willing of Western States to start the dialog with Russia to get back to “business as usual” “should not encourage hawks in Moscow still trying to dominate Ukraine“, international experts underlined.



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